What's happening with CDs, DVDs and digital files?

I'm being told my current digital media projects, which happen to be downloadable videos, won't be able to be revised after July 19, 2011.  Also, when I go to start a new project, I don't see CD, DVD or digital file.  They used to be there.  Is Lulu abandoning this?


  • yeah i am finding this out too....i just created a cd in the last couple weeks and now tried to start a new one and i nolonger see anywhere to do it...i click the cd/dvd link at bottom of the page and everything but cd and dvd's comes up...

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    Hrmmm, interesting, and I see the entire My Lulu page/s have changed too, from 24 hours ago even!
    The main reason I first started to use Lulu was because they did Print On Demand with art, on all manner of paper and canvas. They dropped that function. (My art is still here though, as DL only.)
    As you say, they now seem to have also dropped digital files now (I have just looked). I wonder if they are moving towards only things they have a simple distribution set up for?
    You would think they would inform people about what is changing.
  • It sure looks like they are.  It's hard to believe this is the only method of notification - a note saying we can't edit our projects.  Electronic files publishing appears to have been stripped from the site.   I hope Lulu communicates on this soon!

  • So, with that all in mind...does anyone know of a good service that will let me sell videos? I looked at several last year, and Lulu seemed to be the only one that didn't charge an upfront fee. I'd rather pay a percentage, rather than a fee upfront.
  • Here's the official word, and yes, videos and other digital content will be phased out:


    Bad move, Lulu.

  • I don't know if this helps, but I use ReverbNation.com to sell my CD.  I have been "selling" my CD here on Lulu, but to be honest I was very amused to see just how little information there was on this part of their service.

    Here is my CD on RN so you can see what it looks like:


    It is a meditation CD, and the main problem is that for digital sales, you have to chop long tracks up.  RN do distribute to itunes and Amazon MP3 stores, but there is no option as far as I can see to offer just the album.  My CD also sells as chopped up tunes on Amazon.  But if you have more normal music then fine.  But maybe some of you will want to offer audio books etc, in which case you will have the same issues as me.  But the RN support is excellent.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    It is very annoying when such important news is only to be read in staff blogs. Who on earth bothers to read those! At one time there was a lady called Carol on the staff and she sent out newsletters, they slowly stopped coming and then they stopped and Carol vanished from the forums too!
    Sorry, I have no idea who does Create On Demand CDs/DVDs in the way Lulu did. I wonder what Lulu did with the wizards etc for them? To be honest I bet they have dropped them because people now want blu-rays.
    Hang on, did that blog also say Lulu no longer do images? Does that mean the sale by download of them?! I have 100s here! If so I dont get the difference between those and downloadable e-books. They are all just digital are they not?
  • I cannot express how sad and disturbed I am by this news.

  • Dear Sir/Madame,

    Of course I published two books in lulu.com 1) Is That Why ? 2) Holly's Law Of life. I am also a really good voice singer, I want to sell my CD in lulu.com. Please let me know how can I do it? Link to one of my Cambodian song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwY_-Kq0CXs&feature=share

    Best regards,

    Vary Kao
    Land line: 410-870-0425
  • Perhaps before posting in an almost 5 year old thread, you could read it? Lulu have not done CD/DVDs for years.


    PS: For goodness sake remove your phone number.


    BTW. Are there other types of human singing other than voice?

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