how can i find someone who can read my book?

its only 96 pages.  96 very crucial pages, so far unread by anyone but me.  where can i find a reader or two or three so i can test it out?  i don't have the funds to pay someone for this and i'm not really looking for someone to be an editor.  i just want someone to read it and react.  to tell me what is good and what is not so good with it.  is this possible?


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    Test it in what manner? That it is formatted and laid out right? That the grammer and English is 'correct'. The latter two may show up when someone is reading it to find out that it is good or not, anyway (even if that is not what you ask for) and good or bad is often a matter of personal preference anyway. Do you not have any personal friends who can read it? You do not have to give them a book (but that would help to see if it looks OK in 'retail' print), just give them some printed A4 pages or whatever, or a copy of the file. One thing that a lot of writers have in common is that they KNOW that their book is good so go ahead anyway, even if it is rubbish! Smiley Tongue

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    Post small chunks of it in the forums. Someone may have time and give comments. Post max 350 words at a time; people are really busy and impatient.

    Also, you could set up a blog and make your book free to read for a while--or copy and paste one chapter a week. Ask only that readers give you feedback.

    Good luck.


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  • Hi Dogagog, you asked a great question. Have you thought about carrying your book with you where ever you go. In conversation with people let the know that you are a writer then pull out your book. People are often looking for new ideas and interesting materials that will increase the quality of life. Your maybe one.

    I notice that you do not give your book title of location for one to view it. That would be a start.

  • I occasionally order several copies of my books and leave them laying around in waiting rooms.  I've gotten some very interesting feedback from people I had no idea about.  A minimal investment and you never know.  I've also donated copies to the local libraries in my community.

    This would probably be most effective in a place where there were lots of traffic or lots of publishers, depending on your goals.

  • It is a great idea to donate some books to your locar library.Talk to the librarian too.

    Why you do not ask your family member or friends to read it?

    Also, you may try here:

    Bor the basic review they do not charge.



  • unfortunately, i am a very hesitant person.  (i know what comments that statement might bring.)  i have written and rewritten everything in the book over and over.  i created the illustrations an the cover.  i've done the proof reading and editing.  this is not a boast.  it is the only way i can create.  i don't think i can let anyone else touch it.  but if i gave a copy to someone and they said "you left out a question mark" or that one story is really dumb, i might be able to change it or keep it as is, as i see fit.  does that make any sense?  i've done what you suggest but it is nice to hear it said.  i do carry copies with me.  i doesn't seem right to me to have snippets made available on line somewhere.  i think it needs to be seen as a physical book.  

    The title is "a book of these things".  i want to get an ISBN but i want to be sure i'm not going to change it again first.  I am not offering it for sale yet so is there a way to make it known without selling it?  I'm setting up a website right now and i may just give up waiting for someone to read it first, when the site is ready.  

  • oddly, i gave a copy to a good friend (who lives on the opposite coast that i live on).  she sounded eager to read it but when i had it sent, after a couple weeks she didn't even tell me she received it. so i asked and she said yes she did but she's very busy and it will take some time to read.  I haven't heard from her in a few months.  that to me is a very bad sign.  odder still, i sent one to another friend and got the same response.  that leaves me with, i'm either insane and did write a very _____ book or, finding out the truth about me, they don't really know how to deal with it.  (that truth by the way is that i'm insane.)  as for my family, they are even closer than the friends so i am afraid i'd have even more trouble than with the friends.  i did send a copy to someone i don't know at all on a site about miscellaneous issues, with normal to crazy people writing about many important or frivillous things.  this person said it gave her a warm good feeling, or something like that.  that is actually close to the response i would expect.  this could be because she doesn't know me and doesn't have to deal with me not being who she thought i was. Or maybe she was just trying to be nice.  i just think people fairly detached from me could give helpful responses

  • how did those people who found your book respond?  do you think having an email address inside is a good idea? (i am creating but don't have a website yet).  thanks.

  • It sounds as though what you really nearly is a Proof Reader.

    Faith Carroll is one of the regular contributors on this Forum and if you searcg you will soon find her name.

    Here's where you can contact her. 

  • You need a beta reader.  One of the ways they differ from editors is the fact that they they suggest changes to, and don't directly manipulate (as editors do), the hard copy.  And, of course, they haven't trained and studied for the Editor and/or Proofreader title; therefore, they aren't editors or proofreaders, and don't get paid editor and proofreaderer prices. The ideal beta reader is a well-read, intelligent individual with a love of books and authors.  They usually beta read for free, but some will ask for an acknowlegement in the book, or a simple "thank you!" via email! They are the before-it-is-ever-in-the-hands-of-an-editor step that many newbies, such as yourself, should take advantage. I have suggested beta readers countless of times for many of my authors, before they use me.  Be careful, however.  Ask the beta for whom he/she has read; make sure it's not some nutbag who just wants to be in print.  When they write you, is their email message riddled w/ typos? Do they only write in lowercase? (C'mon, it isn't that difficult to cap when necessary.  How lazy!) Do they speak proper English?  I refuse to recommend any beta reader who insists on using "ain't" in our correspondences.  It is not proper; we just met and I'm an editor: you expect me to recommend you to an author when you refuse to speak correctly?  In character context, yes, but upon our first meeting?  Nuh-uh.  For (pick a deity)'s sake, use a real word----and use the SHIFT key!   


    PS: Ken, thanks for the plug. What this author needs, however, is a beta reader.  We'll get him/her straightened out, lol :-).

  • thanks. i'll check this out.
  • thanks. that is what i'm looking for. now, i hope you weren't also scolding me. i am the #1 no-caps typist. it is not that i'm lazy though. in fact, in some cases, i have to go back and undo a mistakenly placed cap. this is because in my writing, for my purposes, caps are wrong. i call our alphabet "faulty". it's gotten me in trouble only once so far - that i know about but i must do it. i am compelled. i do it here, to stay in practice. sorry. (where does one find a beta reader?)
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    Faith Carroll wrote:

    You need a beta reader.  One of the ways they differ from editors is the fact that they they suggest changes to, and don't directly manipulate (as editors do), the hard copy.  


    Professional editors don't do that. It's an all-too-common myth I hear from people who have chosen self-publishing because they "don't want anyone rewriting their books". That's not what editors do. They suggest changes which are then up to the author to implement. One of the reasons will come to mind with just a little thought: editors, who typically work on several books simultaneously, simply don't have the time to rewrite every book on their desks. That's the author's job. Besides, changes need to be made by the author in order to maintain the book's consistent voice.

    I am sure there have been examples of editors who have crossed the line, but out of nearly fifty commercially published books which have involved working with nearly a dozen editors at many different publishing companies, not one has ever taken it upon themselves to change my text. Neither have I ever heard any of my professional author colleagues complain about this happening to them.

    Given all of that, your suggestion that a newbie author run their book past a beta reader before doing anything else is an excellent one!



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    Interesting then, that so many writers thanks such and such editors for help with their books, which made it what it was.

    "Improving an author's writing so that they indeed say what they mean to say in an effective manner, is "substantive editing". Depending on the writer's competence, this editing can sometimes turn into ghost writing. Substantive editing is seldom a title. Many types of editors do this type of work, either in-house at a publisher or on an independent basis."

    I still have no idea what a Beta Editor is though. Is that not to do with software?

  • I have my book formatted and available on smashwords and other ebook formats, how do I go about getting a hard copy from Lulu?

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius Lulu Genius

    Well you could start by posting a New Message rather than invading one 4 years old.


    I doubt that your document formatted for Smashwords is of much use to you here because they do not have to be formatted for use at Smashwords.


    I suggest you read here >>

  •  hi am julie ann this what am on it good peaple go on wattpad all over the world  to read my book  you can wright on there and read books free

  • Hi I have only just began my search on how to get someone to read my book when I saw your post. The exact same thing happened to me. I trusted two close friends to read my book and give me their honest opinion and at first they were really into it then nothing. I wouldn't hear from them. They kept me hanging on in the shadows but my confidence was wanning. I believe in myself and my book but when people don't respond even if it's negative u start to doubt ur sanity. I guess I just wanted you to know your not the only one. I hope u have carried on writing. I am now starting on my second book but my first will always be the one I'll treasure.
  • hi there, i am at my first ever attempt of writting a novel. and hope that someone can give me a few hints/tips but also willing to take a few moments to read over the first few pages.


    if you feel like you can commit some time, please could someone email me at [email protected] and il be happy to send them the first draft..


    *spoiler alert* ...... *people hating me alert* YES.. ITS A VAMPIRE STORY! Smiley Tongue

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    You should have created a New Message, and if I was you I would remove your email address.


    It would be better if you pasted some content for us to look at.

  • Hi, never got those thoughts from my close friends! I did not let that stop my writing though. I started a meetup group and meet regularly with other writers.  i do have a fear of self publishing and submitting to competitions and publishers.  who knows what will happen in the future.  Thanks for getting in touch.  It somehow builds strength and determination.

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    It looks to me like you guys got one on the line. Now, if you can just convince him that the book is trash because nobody wants to read it except him, he may or may not have it edited with a custom cover after being read over by a proof reader and then a beta reader, (What ever that is). Properly edited and formatted by a well known professional who will back him up.


    And then, after that when he self publishes the story 50 different ways on every book reading site and forum available to mankind he finds out the hard way that he just payed someone on way too much money to have his story glanced over like he wanted them to do, and then, after that he tries, (To no avail.) get it into someone's hands that appreciates what you think is real, and entertaining. And then he finds out the hard way later that, "It's the bricks kid!" But he thought he had it!


    When, in all actuality when he was done, it just came out to be more like that c- that you received in your senior year of high school back in the day when you were still in fifth period American History Class and chose to write you essay on JFK or something like that and when the teacher handed it back to you it was covered all over in red marker.Yeah. Just like that.


    Or, even that time in remedial English class when they said, "You were supposed to write a three page story of your choice, type it up in the library, and then have it ready for print on Sunday, and to turn it in on Monday afternoon?" And then after that, they make you read it in front of the whole class where everybody can see. It even seems to me to have something to that effect.


    My advice? Read the book yourself even though you've been over it a thousand times because when it comes right down to it unless you have a full on professional book publishing company there to charge you 4 grand for their services to back you up your still not going to get noticed! Not even on because the astonishing truth is, no one knows the title of the name or author because your not famous and if you keep pushing with all your might you will only be disheartened by the whole affair and will never write another book as long as you live.


    Libraries don't want it because they don't know the content because it was self published and shop keepers won't sell it because when you walk into a book store with a book to sell they act like they have to read it first when they have hundreds if not thousands of books on their shelves for sale. But, since your an Indie writer and you friends and family wont even consider to read it thats whey you realize that you've become infamous in your own mind. So then, it becomes a family heirloom that might get picked up by your great grand children one day to learn more about grandpa.


    Then you begin to wonder after your book doesn't sell that it could all just be a big conspiracy and that your books are really being sold out there, but your not collecting the royalties because how would you know? Right? Then you spend all your extra dow on books hoping for one day to have a book signing until you figure out that your going to have to foot the bill for that too! Pretty incredible I would say.


    Ahhh, the wonderful world of self publishing. If you want to get noticed, best thing to do is hire and agent...Like from the FBI or something to protect you from the masses who want you taken care of you. Due mostly to the sloppy book that they bought from you, and couldn't return even though its a total rip-off. KRB/CRB

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