Paper quality for coloring book is too slick

Hi.  I received my first coloring book I created in the mail, and I like it.  The problem is the paper is too slick, too coated to color on it.  Crayons don't show up well, colored pencils don't show up well, and markers don't really penetrate the paper.  The colors from using markers look washed out.  The feel of the paper isn't comfortable to use.  The book is 8-1/2 x 11 and is 76 pages, so there was no choice in paper stock.  Is there a way I can have my coloring book made with lower-grade paper like traditional coloring books have?  I chose saddle stitch which had this one-only-choice paper-type description:


70# / 105gsm
white text stock


I see others have published coloring books on Lulu.  Any suggestions?  I have also contacted Lulu support.


  • After the fact, I googled "paper quality used in coloring books" and discovered the type of paper is called "newsprint."  Therefore, I wasted hours and hours of time creating my coloring book which is now useless because the paper cannot be colored on to any decent extent.  When I went to Lulu "BUY" and did a SEARCH for coloring books, I came up with 663 results, which also included various children's activity books.  Being that so many Lulu creators are making these kinds of books, can Lulu add an option to their paper type choice - that being "newsprint" or something similar? Is "newsprint" paper something printers traditionally have in their stock? I know if I bought a coloring book from Lulu I would not be happy with the paper it is printed on - the quality of the paper is too good - too slick - too coated!  I suppose in my book description area, I could add a disclaimer that says permanent markers work the best and explain why.

  • Yes!, I changed my book description area and added, "For the best results use permanent markers because the paper Lulu prints on is coated, and crayons, colored pencils, and felt-tip markers do not show up as well."  


    Whew!  Now at least buyers will know what they can expect.  Truth in advertising.

  • Unfortunately the machinery used to print POD books cannot use newsprint. The machines are like giant laser printers.
    Have a look at this to see an example of a POD machine  - the one illustrated is a fraction of the size used by Lulu's printers.

  • Thanks, Ken, for the link to see the printing machinery.  Yikes!  It is so sophisticated, it is scary!  If this is Xerox, their folks are so clever.  Just for the heck of it, I have emailed the company to ask them to make adaptations and consider using newsprint paper or similar for coloring and activity book choices. Lulu's BUY section lists 633 books of that nature, and I would assume other authors would appreciate this choice in paper type.

  • I would also recommend posting it as an idea in our Suggest area!
  • It is now 5 years later and coloring books are all the rage!  Has anything new happened to Lulu paper choices that might influence my decision to print my coloring book with Lulu?  I hope so!

  • Is it possible to get a saddle-stitched book in the uncoated stock?  Like other authors here, I would like to make an adult coloring book but the coated paper is not desirable.


    Will Lulu ever hear us and give us other paper options?


  • I am trying to print a book that has a a lot of photos. I can't find specific information on whether or not I can have coated paper with my choice. When I was trying to finish up with Lulu, the final specs on the book just listed "standard white."


    It seems from some of the posts that I've read (especially regarding coloring books) that the paper is coated. I actually want coated paper.


    I've chosen the casebound 8.25 x 10.75 / full color interior.


    Can someone on this board or Lulu tell me if the interior paper will be coated or not? All I've been able to gather so far is that it (I think) will be 70#.


    I need to finish this quickly, as this book is a gift for my dad. Thanks in advance for any quick response.

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