Good story and the power of trauma

I watched a controversial movie last night. I thought, who watches this stuff (I am judgmental), a stepmother with her almost 18-year-old stepson (who she hardly knew)--but it had great reviews on Rotten Tomatoes and after watching action movies for years, I needed some art. Upon seeing the first five seconds, I thought, this feels like art.

Anyway, this movie that masquerades as edgy, romantic porn, is anything but. It changed the way I view things--forever. It showed that even if it's a male, seduced by a female, and he has a great time, it is still absolutely criminal. It makes plain the imbalance of power, and pure wrongness of it, whereas a film with a female victim, who everyone already sees as a victim, and perhaps a whiny complainer, is tuned out.

The brilliance of the story so traumatized me that I have been thinking about it ever since. She is a defense attorney defending victims of rape and abuse, and she does the same thing. She tells him he is not a credible witness.

We have been talking about what makes a story great here for years, and I have mentioned before for me it's trauma; you must be traumatized, changed forever by a book, in order for it to be great.

I  had to share, with my friends soon to be gone.

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