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Are you on the site mentioned in my post?

Search here >>     it seems to be a sort of 'Spotify' for books. All mine are on there, and yet they have not bought them, and even if they have that I am somehow not aware of (doubtful) they should not be 'sharing' them in such a manner.


  • To cut a long story short, this is the latest email from

    "Bookmate subscribers read books on the basis of paying a monthly subscription fee. 

    We receive content from publishers under the license agreements in which the publishers confirm they are copyright holders. Your titles were delivered to Bookmate by Ingram under the respective agreement. "

    (My underlining)

    I am the publisher of my books, even though Lulu provide the free ISBNs. There's no such agreement with myself, and I would assume not with Lulu or Ingrams.

    Things like this are just one of the reasons the log in problems need to be fixed ASAP with this forum, and it kept active.

  • Kevin, I should imagine that this works in exactly the same way as Scrid does. I get paid by Scribd every time someone reads one of my books via their subscription service. I think you will find that we did give Lulu permission to distribute our books to these companies when we clicked on the Kobo and Others option when publishing.

  • I asked the company what rates they pay to the actual copyright holders, they did not directly reply to that. I also asked what the publishers get, again no direct reply. They are under the impression that they have an agreement with Ingram AND Lulu, who Bookmate say actually send them the files, to place on their site, free to read for their subscribers. They do not bother to read the copyright pages, or Lulu's site, to see who owns the copyright, and in fact if it has a publisher's name on it, regardless of the ISBNs. They say Amazon do the same thing, but they do not. At all stages at CreateSpace Amazon asks what you want to do with the book/s. Most of which don't have ISBNs, anyway.

    This is my copyright >>

    © 2020: Cover art and all text - Kevin Lomas 

    All world-wide rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any material form (including photocopying or storing it in any medium by electronic means and whether or not transiently or incidentally to some other use of this publication) without the written permission of the copyright owner. 

    All the characters in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to actual persons or other beings and/or creatures, living or dead, undead or just ill, is purely coincidental.

    No animals were harmed in the creation of this story. 

    First A5 Edition – 2020 

    ISBN - 

    Published by Out Of My Mind

    It's a common one, but I have underlined the important part for pasting in to here.

    Now, if they are paying Ingram's or Lulu in some way, which I very much doubt, where is our share? But the ISBNs are registered to Lulu, not Ingrams, so that Bookmate claim to have an agreement with Ingram to what they do with our books on their site, is nonsense.

    Lulu's site states we own our copyrights. If clicking who to distribute to somehow voids our copyrights, I am sure Lulu would make it very plain that is the case (and would not have prices listed at the side of each option!)

    We set our base price, not Lulu or Ingrams, there's a surprising number of sites that list our books that are in dubious, untouchable by copyright rules, countries, bookmate, although having a British CEO (and a Russian one) all the replies to me came from Russia with a Russian address on with Russian staff! (Emails.)

    BTW: Bookmate state that anyone can upload an ePub, but do they check if they have the right to do so?

    Considering their claim that they have Lulu's permission to use our books in such a manner, I am surprised Lulu have not replied to this post. I may  have contacted Lulu Support about it, but I forget now!

    One difference between Bookmate and many of the others like it, is that they will actually remove content when asked to do so. Most of the others don't even reply, but one still has to wonder, WTF would anyone buy our books when they can read them for peanuts?

  • No reply here from Lulu staff as to why Bookmate believe they have an agreement from Lulu (and Ingram) to allow our books to be read for free. It does seem to be an important point.
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