Perhaps people don't read the forum because it's a bit broken? but ...

I think the brokenness also applies to the promotion thread? But people are still able to post to it. 
So, it's a shame that those who are able to, never bother to also read the forum posts that point out that the discount tool that one can apply to one's own books here on Lulu, only work on Lulu. So applying a high price so then one can offer a tempting discount, does not carry over to all the other sites an ISBN will get them on to, which is a lot. The effect it has on other sites is to make what is already an expensive book (due to POD) seem even more expensive, and far less enticing.

Perhaps there should be a warning on the tool to say it does not carry over to other sites?


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    Kevin, Have you heard that the forums are closing. You haven't been in for a while. Maggie got an email telling her that the 31st of December is the last day. Also I wanted to tell you that the Jesus Ninja thanked you and several  other people for their help over the years. 
  • BlueAndGoldBlueAndGold Author
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    Perhaps people don't want to deal with playing the discount game?

    As the sayng goes, "If you want to ride a Harley, you have to buy a Harley."

    Similarly, "Only those who own a Pitt's Special, fly a Pitt's Special."

    Or, if you're only willing to pay for a MiniCooper, you ain't gonna be drivin' no Cadillac.

    You want  a Cadillac? Buy it.
  • I don't understand any of that when it comes to creating a false RRP just to discount it, causing it to be above the norm for a paperback story everywhere else. Is it that old argument that 'my' work is worth twice as much as any established esteemed and famous writer? 
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