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Arachis_2013Arachis_2013 Florida Panhandle Writer
I've noticed that all my books on Google Books have Lulu listed as the publisher (though my own company is the publisher of record at Bowker and owns the ISBN). I suppose this is inevitable if I authorize Google on my project dashboard. It's not that big a deal admittedly but it does peeve me a little that Arachis Press isn't listed.

I suspect getting around this is more trouble than it is worth but is there another way to get this done and have the correct publisher?


  • The way I got around it is to not use that option. I stopped when I noticed the Google Preview far far too many pages.
  • I could be wrong, but that isn't my understanding of how Google Books should display your content. If you used a Lulu ISBN, it might show us, since we would be registered as the imprint when the ISBN was purchased. But if it's your ISBN, it shouldn't mention Lulu at all.
    I'd reach out to support and ask them to look into that.
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