SPACE: An Odyssey in Rhyme

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SPACE: An Odyssey in Rhyme
introduces the verse-novel format to the Science Fiction genre as an epic poem placed in a not-so distant future. Written in rhyming iambic heptameter, this action-packed thriller is the story of a young engineer who is thrust into a world of sinister interplanetary intrigue. Travel with him to the far reaches of the solar system as he and his companions face danger and adventure, tragedy and joy, and loss and reward through trials of personal discovery and rebirth in a desperate fight to bring justice to tyranny, love to the lost, and liberty to the oppressed.
SPACE: An Odyssey in Rhyme ranks as the longest epic poem in American literature, dwarfing Herman Melville's 1876 Clarel.
You are invited to a preview at the link below:
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