Reviews Disappeared

Hello fellow publishers,

I have just realized that a review has disappeared from my book The White Tree:The Celtic Oval.  I recently changed the cover but nothing else.  Is this the reason for the disappearing act?


  • I have noticed that when seeking to read a review of a book the page says, "There are no reviews for the CURRENT VERSION of this book." I take that to mean that reviews only persist for as long as no revisions are made.
  • Hi BksOfBrown,

    There will be a link on the listing that "click here to view reviews of previous versions". 

    Reviews are tied to versions of the book. If you complete a revision, the reviews will be archived. However, ratings do not persist between versions so customers would have to rate the books again. 

  • Yes, I have since discovered that.  Though I feel that reviews should follows the ISBN# it ID# of the said books.  But I'm sure that this is for the IDEAS page.  I believe the review should always be seen even when an update is made.  The comment could indicate a previous version but under no circumstances should it be removed from potential buyers views.  Some are not inclined to click on the previous edition comments (because we all know ppl can be lazy) and will think Hmm no reviews...I'll pass.
  • One can understand that reviews do not carry over to Revisions, but is it right to then allow people to view earlier reviews because some revisions seem to be quite drastic to the point of it not being the same book!
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