How many times have you changed your book cover?

Greetings fellow authors,

I was wondering (as the title says without repeating it again) after you have published your book(s)?  Is there such a thing as too many times?  And do you think it's ok to do so?


  • I think that changing a cover should probably only be done if there is some significant differences between editions: a different publisher, for instance, a revised edition, hardcover vs paperback, trade vs mass market. These are all reasons that I have changed covers: the change serves a purpose. But changing a cover for no special reason other than whim only serves to confuse the potential reader.
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  • Some of my books have had several covers, usually because the first ones were horrible. I have to thank the forum here for guidance and assistance with developing the methods to make not-horrible covers.
    In the cover design process, I usually go through several cycles of developing covers. My initial concept is seldom close to where I wind up. Testing and absorbing feedback is a key element (I may grumble, but the feedback and revision process keeps me honest and leads to a better cover). There is also a point where you have to take what you have and run with it.
    So, is it okay? Well, you've got to do what you've got to do. Weigh it from the perspective of whether the new design is such an improvement that it makes the trouble of doing it worthwhile. Best of luck.
  • It's not unusual for print runs of books to eventually have different covers. I doubt an ISBN denotes what cover art is on a book, it's not really that specific.
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