Ebook Conversion Problems--"Text Boxes" = Tables and Images??

Greetings All,

My book—Quite Quite Fantastic! The Avengers for Modern Viewers—already exists in hardcover, paperback, and casewrap on Lulu, and I'm expanding it to include Ebook. I've spend about four days reformatting it to meet the requirements specified in Lulu's Ebook guide.

However, despite all my efforts, the book is still not converting. I'm getting a non-specific error message indicating a general problem. The only thing I can think of that might be causing a problem is that it might be considering my images and tables to be "text boxes." I should note that I never use Insert Text Box in Word, and I do not consider what I have in there to be "text boxes." 

In this case, I used the Insert Pictures option and Insert Table option respectively. However, when I followed the online instructions for finding text boxes, just in case one had escaped my notice, it took me directly to the first image, then the second image, then the third, and so on.

I should also perhaps note that the images are very simple low resolution icons not photographs or anything complex. I need them. They are necessary for the book, and I've seen many eBooks that have included similar such images, and there's no reason why Lulu shouldn't allow them.

Please advise. Thanks.



  • It is not the images that our converter is failing on, it's the framing Word places around your image. If you insert a text box and tab to the next lands you on an image, that image is using a text box to place it. There are numerous variables that can cause this.
    The most common issue is wrapping. If you place your images and wrap text around them, you'll be using a text box so Word can define the area for the image/text. 
    I'm not too familiar with using icons, but it's very possible the way they were created uses a defined text box. 
    I would start by removing all the images (probably in a duplicate file  ;) ) and convert the 'just text' version. If that works, you know the issue is the images.
    From there, I would open each image and ensure they are flattened.
    Then insert them back into the DOCX using Word's 'picture insert' and making sure the image is inserted in line.
    If that's still giving an error, I would contact support and see if we can have a closer look at the issue.
  • They do have transparent backgrounds. And they are PNGs. I suppose I could try flattening them and replacing them. I should point out that there are over one-hundred of them, so this is a lot of work on the writer for something that Lulu should really be fixing in their conversion program.

  • I flattened and replaced all 190 image files in the document and tried again. Got the same error. I should also note that the file converts to a Kindle mobi file just fine using Calibre.

  • So, now, I have to convert 190 images to JPG and then reinsert all of them as a workaround for Lulu's fussy little conversion program?

    How about they make their program less persnickety? It's not like "NO PNGs" is in the general instructions. People are going to use them. I've had three books so far and every one has had a conversion issue despite the best of efforts. It's tiresome.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    jpgs seem to be the norm and less troublesome.

  • They're also lossy and lower quality. If anything, I'd prefer vectors for what I'm doing. These images are based in vector graphics anyway. I only converted them to rasters because expandability wasn't needed in the print version. Now, it is needed, because the reader can adjust font size any way they want, and they sometimes want to click on the image to see it clearer, so a vector would be perfect.

    But now they're telling me I can't even have tables. I have to get rid of them too. And, again, Kindle doesn't have a problem with any of this. The new version of my book is currently up and running on my Kindle reader and looks great. I just want to do the same through Lulu.

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    I have jpgs many years old and they are fine, it depends what compression is used.

    I am not sure if this is possible, but download the MOBI and convert it to Epub, and see if you can upload it to Lulu's EPub Wizard.
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    That's one of my jpgs. It's quite old as you can see.
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