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Photo Resolution and Colorspace Questions

I'm typesetting a book using  Scribus. It is currently 72 pages and will be approx 100 when finished. The book is loaded with photos from old photo albums. I have been reading about the recommendation for photos to  be 300 ppi. Some of mine are only 72 ppi original size. I use the adjust image size to frame  feature so in many cases (but not all) the ACTUAL ppi is over 300.
I create PDF's as I go and the photos look fine in the output PDF document. By that I mean they are quite acceptable to me since they were old photos to begin with. Resolution is usually  very acceptable. 

But will resolution be  OK when printed?

Second question is  most of the photos are RGB colorspace, a few grayscale. I have turned color management on and specified printer output in the PDF. I  have no photos where it would matter to me if the printer color was slightly different from what I see on the monitor. I don't know of  any way to easily convert these to CYMK color space.

I think I read that lulu will accept the RGB colospace in the submitted PDF. Is that true?

Thanks, Jim


  • Hi Jim,

    As long as the Print Ready PDF looks ok, it should print fine. We highly recommend to order one single proof to review before placing any substantial orders.

    You can submit content in RGB. If the colors look off in the printed version you receive, you can then make edits and see if CMYK would work better for you.
  • A trick I often do is to scan lo-res images using a scanner's DPI options. Scan a 200dpi at 2,000dpi. There's a word for it, but I forget what it is! Extropolation software perhaps.
  • Thanks for your replies. I will certainly order one proof copy .....there will be other things I want to fix for  sure even  if the photos  are OK

    If I were to find some colors not to my liking, how do you suggest I convert those to CMYK?

  • The only time I have set at CMYK is when colour separations are needed. That is, a colour printing plate for each colour. There's no need with most modern printers such as bubblejet or laser, as POD machines use. When I am creating my images I never give a thought to if they are RGB or CMYK or whatever (where's the B for Black? My home printer has two Blacks.) I create one jpg image and when I bother to look at the colour settings it just says the default 'millions of colours'. That is the image I upload. (With very low compression.)
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