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Cover questions

Couple of questions on the covers for LuLu Xpress. I've searched the forum and FAQ's and can't find the answers so asking here.

On a perfect bound and coil books, what are the cover made of?
On any cover, can the printing be done in metallic or foil? If not, how bright are the colors?
Is it best to design in CMYK or RGB?




    That's quite an old page, but no one seems to have updated it so far.

    Printing cannot be done in metallic or foil so far, although I believe that gold foil can be used on hardback titles if a dustjacket is also created in the Advanced cover wizard.

    Colours are normally WYSIWYG. In other words as bright as you make them. I would suggest ordering a test Proof.

    All I use is jpgs set at 'millions of colours'. No colour separation is needed, just like your own home printing device.
  • Hi kat2174,

    Our Xpress FAQ can be found at the bottom of the Xpress site and here:

    Our books have a thicker cover stock. We don't specify the cover stock we use.

    As Kevin said, We are not able to do metallic but with dust jackets, we can do foil stamping on the spine. We do not currently offer Dust Jackets on Xpress.

    It depends on your content on whether you should use CMYK or RGB. If your content is already in CMYK, you can order a test copy to see how it turns out and make changes as needed.

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