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Evan's Expectancy Prologue

Bolter1224Bolter1224 Creator
edited September 2019 in Book Announcement and Promotion
Unbelievable adventure takes it's its toll on Randal Owens and Hernando Rodriguez in downtown Long Beach as their heroic tale ensues, sending them to Jamaica. Not before noting though, how The Great Pyramid is to be constructed and not to mention either the very real and never-before revealed finished winning American  Roulette System, "The Seven Come Eleven Compensation Strategy". It all comes to life in this book, "Evan's Expectancy Prologue Edition". Marketed after almost five years in the making it finally comes to light herein! Enjoy this Sci-Fi Adventure. It's well-thought-out conclusion is sure to follow.

Thirteen-thousand five-hundred words published. By Kurt Burnum. Author of the fabled, "The Time Walkers" series of four also made available at
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