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Going outside the margins

What, exactly, happens if you have text/tables/images outside the set margins? Is it just that you're risking it getting physically cut off when the book is trimmed? Or will Lulu's software actually not print what's outside the margin border?

I know you can make images full-bleed, but I've browsed through here and some people have made it sound like text doesn't work the same. Can anyone confirm whether or not that's true? And if it is, are tables treated like text or images?

I uploaded a document with a table that stretches across the entire page, and the "print-ready" version Lulu returned cuts it off about 1/8" from the edge. Is that how it will print, or will more be cut off?

I know that it's recommended that full-bleed documents be made 1/4" larger each way than regular ones, is that just to account for that 1/8" border? Or will documents uploaded at the size 6.25x9.25 actually be treated differently by the software than 6x9 documents? (As in, a 6x9 document would have margins applied where a 6.25x9.25 would not.)

I hope all of these questions make sense. None of this will be for distribution, so I'm not worried about what's allowed there. Just what I will get if I upload a document and then order my own copy. Thanks!


  • MaggieMaggie Publisher
    You are correct. Add a quarter of an inch width and height, print PDF same size, upload, order.

    It would be accepted for distribution as well. Just make sure the content that will be cropped is gratuitous.

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