Lesson Learned? Not To Be Overstated...

I scraped together a cover from what's left over from my left over past submissions since my photo library seems to have been scrapped, (Or, at least seemingly for the most part anyway.) And I'm now working on a library computer the prologue to, "Far and Away". Which is now published. And rightfully so I might add!

Oh, how I love the well defined art of Indie-Publishing even if I do get excited when in the moment and, "color outside-the-lines" so to speak. But once again, as I always tend to do in these forums, I digress?!?

It feels great to be back writing again. Excilerating infact. The story is far from over and I'm sort of bursting at the seems to get the story out to the public but this time around I feel a little discression in order.  Not too much all at once anymore.

My readers will just have to get used to small doses of my work since the long-overdue, "Time Walker" Series, of which I poured my heart and soul into never did seem to really take off anyway, and has since dwindled and faded back into total obscurity.

Probably in It's own self defense I imagine due to major criticism and negative over-statements regarding me and my personal character in the past while altogether  forgoing any alternative theories in my own defense.

"Please oh Lord have mercy on my soul this time around. I'm only a poor, and uneducated Indie Author looking for a break like everyone else in here. I've learned a few lessons and I hope that this time around sharing isn't going to be another huge mistake..."


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