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I'm writing a film script, which could be read as a book. Is it wise for me publish it with Lulu?

Regarding my remark 'wise'

As I'm writing a film script, it is my ultimate wish to see the script released on a tv screen. To be realistic this is the first story I ever wrote, no film studio has heard about me.

That is why I consider publishing the script first as an ebook with LuLu, see how it is received by the public. If succesfull I feel confident to contact a filmstudio.


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    In what way do you mean "wise"?
  • Ron MillerRon Miller Professor
    I'll have to ask the same question Kevin did: What do you mean by "wise"?
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  • KensakuKensaku Reader
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    See above

  • The wisdom of any act depends entirely upon its goals. One might wisely publish or wisely refrain from publishing, again, depending upon your goal.

    One writer here, Dr. Potet, has published his TV series, Fringues et Dingues, also called Spiffies and Loonies. As a means to express the concept and characters, it has been a success.

    If one were particularly concerned with plagiarism, one might refrain; if one wished to offer printed copies to potential producers, then a print copy might prove excellent.
  • Ron MillerRon Miller Professor

    If getting your script noticed by producers is your goal, publishing it probably can't hurt...though I think you would probably have to have a really extraordinary success in order to attract any attention.

    That being said, publishing your story in the form of a screenplay may not be the very best idea since I am not too sure that people generally really enjoy reading that sort of format. Won't hurt to try, though!

    If, as Skoob_ym suggests, your intention is to send printed copies of your screenplay directly to producers, directors or studios, I would recommend not doing that. Few if any will ever even open an unsolicited submission let alone read one. This is for very understandable legal reasons. The only realistic way to get a screenplay in front of a producer is through an agent.

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  • I would advise using Lulu as simply the printers to get your work into the desired format for submissions, but keep it Private on here at least for now, don't try to sell it or give it away. I know things are easing up within the industry, the bricks and mortar concerns have simply had to get with the times on so many things, but I reckon the old chestnut 'First Publishing Rights' could and probably would be applied once the publishers or agents or film/tv companies etc got wind that a submission was also 'out there' already, for sale or for free. Not worth the risk. Best of luck, hope whatever you try pays off.

  • LarikaLarika Bibliophile

    I think this is good advice from jonm_m_haines_books. Many people don't realise that Lulu has this option. I often use the private only tab. For your project it would be "wise". Good luck.
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