Amazon support a thing of the past for us

TheJesusNinjaTheJesusNinja Teacher
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As I  keep saying things have changed since the merge. Though some will not believe me. Before this happened I was able to do many things through Author Central. Since the merge they will not even answer a question for me much less adding or changing anything. I keep getting the same canned response. Because of security reasons we cannot tell you anything as you have published the book through a third party. We suggest contacting them. Of course I already have and it was no help. AC helped out for over five years that I've been using them. Through the AC page changes could take effect in one day's time. Trying it here is hit and miss and may take six weeks. The only thing left on Author Central is changing the blurb or our author page. Since the Author Central stopped helping out sales have dropped by half. Keywords that used to work no longer show my books on the first few pages. Is anyone else having any luck? I was given an email address and was confirmed over the phone that Amazon would add key search tags by that address even if you published by third party. No such luck. Sales just keep getting worse and if that happens the algorithm on Amazon just pushes the books back. Anyone have any ideas or having luck with anything other than paying Amazon for advertising?


  • LarikaLarika Bibliophile
    I guess I can't really count my books that are doing brilliantly on Amazon because I made them free. However my "Stolen" and my "Stories of the Holocaust and Beyond" have been downloaded countless times. So sorry to hear Amazon is not being helpful to you. I just wanted to get my messages about the difficulty women are having in Saudi Arabia and the horrors of The Holocaust out there. 
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