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Releasing on Lulu, when I'm already published on Amazon. HELP!

I'm already published on Amazon (Paperback) and want to start branching out, so I registered for Lulu and almost straight away I'm confused.

Do I use my existing Amazon ISBN?

Lulu recommends I publish to Amazon + Barned & Noble. That's great, but I'm already on Amazon, so how does that work?


  • A_A_CainA_A_Cain Oz Creator
    An ISBN identifies a specific edition of a book, and also identifies the publisher. If you used a free ISBN from Amazon, then they are the publisher of that edition. If you use Lulu to prepare another edition, you need a new ISBN.

    If you use Lulu's free ISBN, then Lulu is the publisher and you receive payment as royalties.

    If you buy your own ISBNs (which is what I do), then you are the publisher, and Lulu is a printer and distributor, and you receive revenue. That's a subtlety that may have tax implications. Lulu also provide print-ready files to the other distributors, who then use their own printers.

    Lulu distribute to Amazon (and the other major houses) but not vice versa. In your case, it seems to come down to your proposed use of the Lulu services - you're probably doing it the other way around to most authors here. You might need to clarify your intentions so folk can see what services you're after - you'll get more useful advice if folk know what you want to do.
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