Make sure Lulu website is secure

I am duplicating this posting to ensure it gets noticed by others as i feel this is very important.
I have just noticed that when I go to my author spotlight page, in the URL browser bar it show that the page is NOT SECURE.  I think I am loosing sales because of this going by the page view stats on my own website.
Also it appears many pages on LULU are not encrypted (even this page I am on now), which will put people off using the site.
This needs addressing ASAP.  It is just fortunate I have global distribution that people can use, but I have made hardly any sales direct from LULU in a  long time.
Please look into this because i feel this is an urgent matter for all authors and for Lulu revenues.
PS. I do not know if this is 'browser sensitive' but I get this 'not secure' message in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge


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