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Make sure LULU website is encrypted

I have just noticed that when I go to my author spotlight page, in the URL browser bar it show that the page is NOT SECURE.  I think I am loosing sales because of this going by the page view stats on my own website.
Also it appears many pages on LULU are not encrypted (even this page I am on now), which will put people off using the site.
This needs addressing ASAP.  It just fortunate I have global distribution that people can use, but I have made hardly any sales direct from LULU in  long time.
Please look into this because i feel this is an urgent matter for all authors and for Lulu revenues.
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  • potetjppotetjp Professor
    I noticed the same, and wondered why.
  • Pages without HTTPS are a thing of the past. At Google they are ranked worse. The right solution for companies are Business EV SSL certificates with owner verification - a must for every commercial website.  The use of these certificates clearly signals to visitors that a multi-stage verification process has been carried out and trustworthiness is ensured. With a Business EV SSL certificate, the extended verification is also carried out with the green browser address bar clearly visible on the outside. In addition, the company name is also clearly visible.

    But that's not all: The decisive point is that domain-validated SSL certificates (e.g. Let's Encrypt certificates) are generally considered secure as far as data transfer between the website and its website visitors is concerned, but do not show whether the desired company website that the visitor has visited is actually displayed. SSL certificates with no extended verification process of the owner therefore pose an increased risk of phishing cases. Visitors to websites are now used to placing more trust in green address bars than in those without them - and of course in the clearly visible company name.

    Whether Business EV SSL certificates or domain-validated certificates from Let's encrypt - HTTPS must be mandatory!

  • Hi Everyone,

    On some of our pages, some browsers don't show the padlock because some images on the page aren't completely encrypted; things like the cover thumbnails aren't encrypted. It doesn't affect the security of our checkout and doesn't make your information vulnerable.

    However, I can confirm in the upcoming website redesign, all pages will be secure.

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