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Illustrations in Word do not remain the same when file saved as PDF

lovebuglenalovebuglena Author
edited June 2019 in Print Books
I am formatting a manuscript for a friend. As per her request, I included illustrations in her Word manuscript. They are from pixabay. I just saved the doc as a PDF and when I looked at the PDF the illustrations do not look the same as they do in the Word doc. I don't like how they look in the PDF. Is there a way to prevent them from changing? I checked the box that says "do not compress images in file" thinking that would help but that didn't fix anything. 

Here is one example. The top one is from Word, the bottom from the PDF file.


  • MaggieMaggie Publisher
    It looks like you have added contrast.

    Try DoPDF (free software) to create the PDF. Under preferences select high resolution.

  • Definitely use DoPDF as Maggie says. Word's PDF creation can be a pain, in particular when it comes to images.
    I would also go back to Pixabay and be sure to download the image at full size.
  • lovebuglenalovebuglena Author
    edited June 2019
    I originally did a copy/paste into Word. Today I decided to try to actually insert the images but that didn't help. It actually made things worse as many of the illustrations are just a black rectangle rather than the actual illustration in any quality. 
  • What I tried to do just now was upload the Word doc to Lulu as opposed to the PDF file and let lulu create the print ready file. In the print ready file the images stay exactly as they are in Word it seems without getting ruined, which is great. However, the font in the header/footer and title page gets changed to the font of the actual text. On top of that, in some chapters the last line of last paragraph gets changed to justify aligned, which creates huge spacing in the last line. And one of the illustrations is no longer center aligned.
  • MaggieMaggie Publisher
    edited June 2019
    That means it's definitely your PDF creator. Also, you should never paste images. Use a photo editor to prepare them. 300 dpi jpeg, and insert. 

    Don't Save As. Print with DoPDF.

    Good luck. 

  • I realized I had a PDF software on my computer. While free trial expired a long time ago it still let me create PDFs, so I did it and everything worked out. 
  • This sometimes works too, but, like Murphy's Law, it sometimes doesn't. If the conversion processing darkens an image, then, go back and start over, but ensure you lighten the image a few degrees first. Then if you're lucky, you have an image not as bad as previously, perhaps on or somewhere near the desired contrast / shading etc.
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