Kudos to Lulu

I had received a large order in the middle of May from a Filipino VIP. He wanted me to place the order myself, and have the parcel sent to his Paris hotel because he wanted me to come over to meet him, and sign the books on Sunday June 9.

On Wednesday June 5, I checked with Colissimo, and saw that the parcel had been delivered to the hotel on Tuesday June 4. So everything was fine.

On Saturday June 8, my client was back from Normandy to his hotel, and discovered that the parcel was not at the hotel. He e-mailed me the bad news. I rang up the hotel. They swore they had never received the parcel. I checked it with the Colissimo site. There had been a  big mistake! Now they were trying to get the parcel (back) to send it to the right address! I was both furious and despaired.

I met my client at his hotel on Sunday June 9, as convened, and we discussed the problem. Since it was the Pentecost week-end, the Postal Service would be closed on Monday June 10, the day when my client was flying back to Manila, so we now knew the parcel would arrive at the hotel after my client's departure. We agreed the only solution was to ask the reception to refuse the parcel when it eventually arrived, so that Colissimo would have to return it to the sender, i.e. the French printer, and I'd ask Lulu to have the parcel forwarded to the Philippines, the re-routing being charged to us.

I filed a request for help with Lulu. Lulu checked the story, and decided to send the parcel to Manila, but without any charge! ... with the following changes:
1) Once returned to the French printer, the parcel would just be destroyed.
2) Lulu placed the same order today on my behalf.
3) The parcel will be carried by FedEx.
4) The whole expense is charged to Lulu!

I must confess I am amazed at Lulu taking charge of the whole expense, in addition to their finding a quick solution. Frankly I am even moved by Lulu's generosity.

Thank you so much.



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