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Incorrect ISBN

In the Wizzard the ISBN (my own) is regrouped in a new manner. The publisher number is shortened and the book number is extended accordingly. Has this already happened to anyone?

Example: 978-2-123456-78-9 becomes 978-2-123-45678-9


  • potetjppotetjp Professor
    Some of your hyphens were wrongly positioned. Lulu corrected your error. 
  • I'm afraid not. The ISBN Agency for the French-speaking Region (AFNIL) gave us a six-digit publisher number. The book numbers are correspondingly two-digit:
    978-2-123456-78-9 (ficitve example)
    2 for France and French-speaking Africa
    123456 our publisher
    78 the single book (from 00 to 99)
    9 Check digit

    If Lulu moves the hyphens, the book will be assigned to another publisher:
    978-2-491-.... is HiCSA Editions in Paris
    978-2-491183-... that is us
  • MaggieMaggie Publisher
    Your publisher name, and your own name and address are requested during the ISBN assignment stage of publishing. If there is anything off, the system will block you from continuing.

    All the same, write to Lulu Support and confirm. They will be back Monday.

  • potetjppotetjp Professor
    I have a copy of Dictionnaire des Langues (2011) published by the PUF, Paris, because I am one of the contributors. Its ISBN is : 978-2-13-056914-5. As you can see, the positions of the hyphens are the same in the Lulu ISBNs.
  • potetjp schrieb:
    can see, the positions of the hyphens are the same in the Lulu ISBNs.
    The hyphens are not always in the same place. This depends on the language area/country and the size of the publisher. In total, the ISBN always has 13 digits. Take the fictitious ISBN 978-2-123456-78-9:
    • 978 stands for books (was added that the ISBN is compatible with the EAN)
    • 2 is the language area or a country (1- 5 digits) 2=French speaking area
    • 123456 is the publisher (2- maximum 5 digits - depending on the size of the country number) the larger the publisher, the smaller the publisher's number (at least 2 digit, the smaller the country number and the publisher's number, the more books the publisher can publish. Very small publishers can publish 10 books - then they need a new ISBN group).
    • 78 the book (in this case from 00 to 99, smaller publishers from 0-9, max 6 digits 000000-99999 for large publishers with 2-digits publisher number)
    • 9 Check digit (1 digit)
    So, if the position of the hypens changes, the language, publisher and book changes, as I showed above.

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