NCX for children's book

sohail828sohail828 Reader
I am trying to upload a children book in epub format but lulu is Giving me this error "Your document could not be created: Failed to locate NCX document"

How to solve this issue?


  • MaggieMaggie Creator
    edited June 4
    Make your book title Heading 1, and put it on the very first line of your title page, and make the word Copyright, on your copyright page Heading 2. Or Heading 1. Either is fine.

    Like this you will give the software the table of contents/NCX it requires to proceed.

  • If you're creating an EPUB directly, you may need to open up that software and use the 'Generate Table of Contents' or similar command. The NCX is the table of contents file and it won't be automatically generated by some EPUB software.
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