Mixing page breaks and section breaks? Can I?

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I'm working on a book that will need front matter, then chapters. I'm in Word 2016 Mac standalone vs. renting monthly (a bit of a challenge since apparently no one in the world works on a Mac - let alone hasn't been sucked into Microsoft's rental plan - so all videos, support, forums, etc require a bit of extra effort ) ... I understand using section breaks for odd/even, and having the title of the book on even side, and chapter title on the odd side. I understand linking/not linking. However, do I create the front matter and add a hard page break on the final page of the front matter? Do I use section breaks (page) for the entire front matter section up to the last page? And I want each Chapter to start on an odd page. Do I just use section breaks (page) throughout and classify "odd/even" whenever I need a blank page to force the new chapter to start on an odd page? Or, does the section break (odd) make that happen? I've read conflicting information in Lulu help that states "use section breaks sparingly," then "use section breaks for all even/odd," then don't use page breaks ... so, how do you use them sparingly if you have 12 chapters and each chapter needs to start on an odd page? I have images I have to put into the book as well and haven't proceeded because I'm trying to figure this one piece out first. I've had nightmare situations in the past with front matter, breaks, mysterious blank pages showing on in the pdf and would like to not have that happen again. (I can dream, can't I?) :-) 


  • Hi GaryJay,

    It is recommend to use a section break between front content and when your story begins if you want the page numbering to be different. A lot of authors like to have the front content in Roman numerals but the actual story is in Arabic numeric values.

    However, when you want to start a new page, that is when we recommend page breaks over section breaks. You can use section break (next page) and it will function like a page break but it could mess with your pagination (due to creating another section).

    Section break Odd will break to the next odd page. For example, if you have a Section Break Odd page on page 3, page 4 will be blank, and you will begin writing on page 5. However, Microsoft Word does not show you the blank page, it will only be seen in the PDF that is created.

    I recommend to have Non-printing characters turned on while you are formatting so that you can see exactly where the page/section breaks appear. I find this helps diagnose weird blank pages appearing easier.
  • MaggieMaggie Publisher
    No page breaks unless you want to force text on next page. 

    Two section breaks if you want to force chapter to start on right if it doesn't naturally. Remember to double click in footer and Unlink to previous that way you have no page numbers on blank pages. Same with prematter. Same with First page header.

    Make sure under design tab you select, odd, even, first all Different.

    Good luck.

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