What is Lulu xPress?

In the discussion on "Why is cream paper limited?" I came across some talk about Lulu xPress. I've been using Lulu for over 3 years, and this is the first I heard of it. I went to Lulu.com and saw nothing about it. I had to google the words "lulu xpress" to find out more.

Can someone give me a brief rundown on how it differs from regular Lulu? I got the impression that it is for authors who are satisfied with Lulu being their sole distribution, and don't need to bother with Amazon et al. But that's so easy to do on Lulu itself, that I'm wondering what the other benefits of Lulu xPress are.

Looking forward to your responses. advTHANKSance!


  • Here's the link for reference to Lulu xPress - https://xpress.lulu.com/
    And here's a blog post I wrote about Lulu xPress about a year ago - https://blog.lulu.com/2018/06/26/4-examples-of-how-lulu-xpress-makes-life-better/

    To boil it down as much as possible: Lulu xPress part test and part response to what users asked us for.
    It's a test of our new and improved software. The current wizard on Lulu.com works just fine, but there are a number of bugs that we're struggling to fix without impacting other parts of the site. And there is some code that is just so old and obtuse that our developers shy away from touching it for fear that it will cause unforeseen problems.
    So, rather than trying to fix the underlying problems with Lulu, we're aiming for an upgrade. Lulu xPress is a test of the wizard part of that upgrade.
    Lulu xPress also gives our users something they have asked us for on many occasions: a simplified and streamlined way to get from a file to a print book. xPress foregoes any retail distribution or storefront and simply offers a way to upload a file, select book specifications, and order a print run. For our business customers, this has been a huge benefit in time and effort saved.
    Additionally, Lulu xPress uses our new product and pricing model, which means more product options (matte covers for example) and for some products (full color in particular) the pricing is better.
    In the long run, the product options and software that powers Lulu xPress will become part of Lulu. 
    We'll be speaking to this a LOT more in the next 2-3 months as well, but I hope that gives some sense of what we're up to.
  • Great! Thank you!
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