It has finally happened... my first 0 sales month

For the first time since I started selling using this account in 2012, I'm looking at not getting a payment from Lulu this month.

So, word to the wise, don't wait 2+ years between releases!


  • SeamusSeamus Creator
    7 years still sounds pretty good for non-stop sales. Nice work
    Tim Reinholt Author of Pow, a ski bum heist adventure
  • DysonLogosDysonLogos Bibliophile
    Yeah, in 2014 I switched from publishing as my primary income stream to it being a value-added benefit to people who enjoy my website. Instead I run a patreon campaign that brings in significantly more than the books ever did.

    But I plan on putting out another 2 books in the next month or so, so numbers should shift for a bit (even though I give them away for free to my top supporters).
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