When Lulu raises their prices

The price of paper, ink, labor, etc, won't stay at the current rates forever. At some point, Lulu will be making less profit on a given book than they used to. How do they react when this happens?

Do the authors get a smaller commission? Are the authors told to raise the price? I love Lulu's customer service, and I suppose that they might just suffer with smaller profits for a while, but eventually they'll start to lose money, and that's not a good business plan.

I'm simply curious what happens.


  • KeevesKeeves Author
    Just to clarify my question: They obviously change the minimums; those are set when a new book is created. My question is about the many books for which prices were set years ago, but are still being sold at the original price.
  • Hi Keeves,

    Lulu may occasionally have to change the price it charges for books; however, projects created before a price change are kept at the same manufacturing price until the project is revised. As with a new project, authors will have the opportunity to change their price after a revision so that they can ensure they are receiving the revenue they wish to earn per sale.

    I hope this answers your question!

  • KeevesKeeves Author
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