Another Dimension to Self Publishing

swmirskyswmirsky Publisher
edited March 2019 in General Discussions
". . . . Serruya is just one example of the dark side of the stack-em-high, sell-em-cheap, flood-the-market culture which has come to dominate self-publishing – particularly in the lucrative romance genre and on Kindle Unlimited, an Amazon service which gives readers access to more than 1m books for £7.99 a month, many of which are self-published and unvetted for plagiarism.

"'I’m getting one hell of an education on the sick, greedy, opportunistic culture that games Amazon’s absurdly weak system. And everything I learn enrages me,' Roberts wrote on her blog last month. She pointed to what the industry calls 'black hat teams': anonymous authors who hire ghostwriters for a pittance, to churn out cheap novels en masse which are published under a pseudonym to 'smother out competition' – and, in some cases, copying lines or entire scenes to get the job done. A regular author could never keep up.

"For romance readers, Kindle Unlimited (KU) has been a godsend. These readers can race through at least a book a day, gulping down stories about unexpected pregnancies, arrogant millionaires and bad boys in need of taming. KU means they can read to their hearts’ content, while the writers can make a lot of money. Authors who self-publish through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Select programme have their books automatically enrolled in KU. Every time a reader opens a KU book, the author is paid from a communal pot of money – one which less scrupulous writers have looked to game from the start."

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