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How to save a PDF with a custom paper size

Lulu likes images to be 300 dpi whereas Microsoft does its best to thwart this. IMy book is in Word 2016 and I have managed to stop it from compressing my images. But, in Windows 10, if I save the document as a PDF, the images in the PDF get compressed to 72 dpi.

The workaround is to use Windows 10's inbuilt printer called "Microsoft Print to PDF". Happily, this respects the 300 dpi of my images.

The Problem
My book will use "Royal" paper size which, in Word 2016, is a "custom" paper size. The problem is that "Microsoft Print to PDF" doesn't seem to recognise custom paper sizes. When it creates the PDF, it changes my custom size back to a default of A4, which is much larger than "Royal" - and which doesn't match the paper size in my book project in Lulu.

How do other people get round this?


  • Hi pmarris!

    If you do not create a page size profile in Word, the PDF you create may be resized to the default size. 

    We have step-by-step instructions in our Knowledge Base to help you set a custom page size profile. You can find this article here .
  • Thanks for your reply, but I DID define a custom paper size. But, when I then printed the document to PDF, Word 2016 seems to have ignored my custom paper size (i.e. 15.57cm * 23.39cm) and set it to A4 (i.e. 21cm * 29.7cm).

    My book project in Lulu is defined as Royal. So, when I uploaded the PDF, this resulted in Lulu reporting reporting a mismatch between my selected paper size (Royal) and the actual paper size in the PDF (A4).

    I'm caught between two problems. If I "Save as" to PDF, Word 2016 compresses my images to 72dpi. If, instead, I "Print to PDF", Word 2016 ignores my custom paper size, and sets it to A4.
  • There is a large number of free pdf creators that will do an excellent job, DoPDF, for instance, is one that I have used successfully in the past. You just select the PDF creator as your printer.
    Black Cat Studios
  • I will try it. Thanks.
  • DoPDF throws up a different problem. When I uploaded the PDF, Lulu threw up a new message:

    "We detected low resolution 1-bit image(s) in your file. For best printing results, we recommend 1-bit image resolution of 600 ppi or higher."

    The images look alright to me (300dpi). I wonder why DoPDF causes this, whereas neither of the two PDF writers built into Word 2016 did.
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