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How to Start Over After Losing Your Job

MpumeyMpumey Writer
By Mpumelelo Meslane

How to Start Over After Losing Your Job is practical book based on my personal experiences and observations of some of my family members who had lost their jobs but managed to restart their lives in a short period of time. This book aims to provide the reader with real practical steps on how to start over their lives after losing their job through the following methods: - Dismissal (Being Fired) - Retrenchment (Being Laid Off – Co. Downsizing) - Constructive Resignation (Forced Resignation) - Unhappy Resignation (Hated Your Job) I would like each reader to engage with this book with an open mind by using these steps to benefit their challenging situation by resetting their lives after losing their jobs. Losing your only source of income is never easy but fortunately the there is a solution at your fingertips – just read on.
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