Order cancelled, refund?

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Hello, I'm Gerard Fulcarà and I have a problem with my order.

I purchased 2 books and paid them via Paypal, but I saw that my shipping address is wrong, and I canceled the order in time.

Since I canceled the order, I thought that the payment will be refunded, but I see no changes in the payment on Paypal.

I want to purchase the books again with my shipping address updated (just changed the block number), so I want to know some things:

1- Will my Paypal payment be refunded?

2- If it can't be refunded, will I be able to purchase the same books without paying the same amount again?

This is the order number:13853250

This is the PayPal transaction ID: 3PS62770CH4706048

I attach the PDF of the Order Receipt, the Paypal Payment you sent me and an image where you can see the order has been canceled but not refunded.

Please, I need answers because I don't want to pay twice for only 1 order.


Let me explain: the payment was done by Paypal and thus, the authorization is paused until the order is done. But since I canceled it, it won't charge me anything and the authorization will be canceled in 30 days. I won't be charged twice :)


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