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I tried FaceBook ads for some of my titles, each being presented by its front cover and its blurb in my FB page "Jean-Paul G. POTET, author". The principle is very simple. You select three criteria: age bracket, area, interest. The basic campaign costs 18€, but is actually charged 20€. It runs until the 18€ are spent. The FB ads search engine looks for potential subscribers interested in the product you are promoting. For my title "Spiffies and Loonies", the criteria were 13-65+, USA, books. Whenever some FB subscriber clicked on my ad, I was charged a fee that varies constantly, but is often about 0.25€. Until recently, FB showed the graph of the people who had responded. Some teenagers were interested in my book; the curve reached 0 in the middle-age range, and soared among older generation. A similar test for the French version (Fringues et Dingues) limited to the French readership showed a steady increase in interest from teenagers to old folks. I have spend about 80€ to test four titles, but I am not going to continue because the discontinuation of the graphs is a big disappointment. I started all this in December 2018. So far none of the four titles advertized has sold a single copy. Let's wait and see. 


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    Interesting. I did not believe that anyone ever clicks on the adverts, and even has them blocked, most people hate them. I was recently looking at my so-called marketing preferences on FB and it displays what it thinks I am interested in due to what I have clicked on, and that's the adverts it shows me, but I have never clicked on an advert, ever, on any site, what it does is spy on what sites one does visit, by not clicking on an advert but via a web search, and shows you those products, often the exact product at the site you have recently looked at (even on my phone and tablet) so I view FB's so-called marketing preference settings as BS. FB have been caught out at least twice of over-inflating the actual number of people who do click the adverts, in order to attract more advertisers.
  • SeamusSeamus Creator
    Thanks for the info, I've wondered about the FB ads. They sure are pushy
    Tim Reinholt Author of Pow, a ski bum heist adventure
  • swmirskyswmirsky Publisher
    I've been wondering myself, recently, about the sudden appearance of ad posts for novels of the sort I sometimes read as well as information about self-publishing and even films. Seems to be new to FB. Like Kevin I do tend to ignore them though I have clicked on a few that did really interest me. I guess it cost the poster each time, huh? Didn't realize that before.

    Anyway, have also been getting some philosophy stuff (another interest of mine) on FB so now I know why thanks to Mr. Potet above. I will say that, although I have yet to buy something from this sort of link, I have on several occasions thought about doing so. Moreover, the information I have sometimes put up here (about VoyageMedia and TaleFlicks, for instance) and which we have had some lengthy exchanges about came from FB posts that have appeared in my newsfeed. I guess they've started figuring out my interests, huh?

    I am open to picking up a book that interests me this way, though so far I haven't. 
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    FB have been doing it for years, it's how they make their vast wealth. But they are getting in to more and more bother for somehow getting hold of details that are nothing to do with marketing, and selling it on. FB is not at all an ethical being.
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