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  • swmirsky said:
    I guess it's the thought of all that work scanning in the material, Ron. It's a thick book and not easy to press it flat so it has to be done manually (637 pages which, as you can imagine, makes an edition done through Lulu even costlier to sell). And then there's the thought of combing through the new digital manuscript to correct it, page by page. The fees they quoted me aren't onerous while hours and hours of work restoring the manuscript would be. But I haven't decided what to do with them at this point. All will depend on the cost factors. But I think you're probably right. If I have a chance to improve the cover I probably should do it. Might make the book more competitive in today's "Viking" literary world!
    319 pages since you can do two pages at a time.

    Spellcheck would catch 90% of errors since they would come across as spelling mistakes. And didn't you suggest that there might be changes in the book you might want to make anyway? But, then, if the idea of going over the book page by page does seem too onerous...well, there you are.
    Black Cat Studios
  • swmirskyswmirsky Publisher
    The thing is, I've moved on from those days when I was literally steeped in the story . . . and in the background literature (the Icelandic sagas and other roughly contemporary records like the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, The King's Mirror, Islendingabok, etc., as well as 19th century adventure stories which I wanted to reprise with a twentieth century sensibility).

    I no longer think, eat, drink and breathe the Norse world as I once did and which was, for me at least, a necessary background for writing the tale.

    I'm working on a very different period and set of events now and I probably can't do both at the same time.  That's the real reason it seems onerous to me.

    I dread being sucked back into the saga world, not that I don't still love it but that it is all-consuming (I had gotten to the point where I caught myself writing business memos on the job in a saga "voice" -- that's how bad it was)!

    I suppose, if a film company were to show an interest and the project before me was to write the screenplay (I wrote one for the book just before the flood but lost it, too, along with the manuscript file) I could do it. But to re-immerse myself in the book just to re-do the book scares the crap out of me! 
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