Recovering, editing and re-using cover.

I've recently printed a book with a cover created using the Cover Wizard. I now want to recover, edit and use the same design for another project. I seem to be unable to access for editing and saving for a new project, this first cover. Any ideas, please?


  • Hi SadSaxMan,

    In the My Files of your Lulu account (located on the Projects List Page), you can download the print ready cover we generated. The naming scheme would be the project ID.pdf.

    However, you would need a PDF editing program to make changes to the cover.
  • Is the PR PDF for covers not a single image rather than elements that can be manipulated? This is possibly too late for this project, but it may be handy for future ones. I create my covers in an art/photo prog, but not at first as a single image. I create individual elements of art and then paste them to a pre-prepared background. Those elements can also be later used in other similar projects, such as series of stories.
  • The PR PDF is a single, flattened PDF. It will likely be difficult to manipulate.

    It would probably be easier to create a new cover then try to reuse a PR PDF.
  • Even when not a PDF it's often hard to edit an item that is a single image. :(
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