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Can anyone tell me why the 'value paperback' works out at more expensive to produce than the premium paperback? When I use the book cost calculator for the pocketbook size the value paperback is £2.80 per 100 pages and the premium one is £3.05 per 100 pages. However, when I type in 250 pages into the field, the premium paperback generates a cost of £5.30. Do the same for the value paperback and the cost generated is £5.80. A 'value' paperback?'


  • Pricing can seem a bit strange. I started off with Pocketbook because it was the cheapest Premium, but then A5 became cheaper, so I used that instead. I think it may be to do with how popular a size is. The more requested, the cheaper Lulu can get them printed for? Perhaps only Lulu have the answer.
  • I just thought that someone wanting a cheap paperback making might select the value option without realising that the premium quality option actually works out cheaper. Just curious.
  • Hi Everyone,

    The value line is a newer product line in the UK and the pricing was updated more recently than the premium line. The premium product line is still listed under an older pricing structure that does not take into account recent price increases in the printing industry.

    We are currently in the process of re-evaluating all of our pricing with for our various products on We are building our new platform so pricing will change for our products.
    These changes will likely occur in the coming months as we get closer to the launch of our new platform.

  • Cheaper I hope?  :)
    Overall I believe so. Particular for some of the full color printing.
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