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Epub Upload Issue - Help!

Hi. After reading all the forum stuff on problems with the converter, I used Calibre to convert my docx file. However, when I uploaded (or tried to...) I got this message:

The following issues can affect your EPUB's eligibility for the iBookstore:

  • Failed validation. Please contact support for more information.

Download this file to review warning and error messages generated during validation: EPUB Results for 24452291.

The contents of this linked txt file say this:

ERROR: The_Book_of_End-time_Wine.epub(-1): Unmanifested file: META-INF/calibre_bookmarks.txt

How do I fix this? Can you help me on the forum or must I do a support ticket? I am working against a publishing deadline here. have mercy on me, please!




  • Hi Christine!

    Calibre populates this bookmarks file automatically. I haven't found a way for Calibre to not populate it.

    You can delete it by going into Calibre and following these steps:

    1) Edit book (Purple book icon)
    2) Scroll down until on the left hand side, you see the calibre_bookmarks.txt file
    3) Delete it and then click save to disk

    This will get rid of that error and you can reupload the epub to Lulu.
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