JobOptions and ColorManagement

I've searched both here and on Lulu xPress, but I've found contrasting information so I'd better ask directly. I've seen at least two different color management behaviors in Lulu provided joboptions (JO) files.

  • The JO that is attached in this post (named lulu.joboptions) has "Leave color unchanged", which is the same of this post – even if the post itself suggests to use CMYK but without specifying which one.
  • The JO that is found in Lulu xPress template (named Lulu-Interior-Print.joboptions and Lulu-Cover-Print.joboptions – two identical files) wants to "Convert all colors to sRGB".

My input is a PDF (that comes from Leanpub), which I'm preflighting against PDF/X-1a standard (flattening transparencies, adding bleeding etc.). I would need to know which CMYK to convert images to.

Thank you for your support,



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