Multiple authors: how do I change the what order they appear in?

Hi - I'm trying to publish a book with 5 authors, using global reach, and with my own ISBN.  I have not finally approved the draft. 

Lulu has changed the order of the authors - every time I change them, it reverts to the previous order.  It wants to insist that a particular author appears first, but it will cause long term relationship damage!

How do I change them back again in such a way that the change is permanent?  I don't want to purchase another ISBN - I only had one, and it was expensive!  


  • Where exactly do you mean? But if it insists on placing them in alphabetical order, the simple answer is to tell the other writers you have no control over it! The correct order can also be placed on the front cover, in the blurb on the back cover, and in the Frontmatter on the first few pages (which can be seen in the Preview.)

    BTW. After having looked on your Storefront here, could I suggest you put names on the cover in a much larger font? Don't be shy  :)
  • Hi ConfusedOfOxford,

    Unfortunately, it is not possible to rearrange the order of the authors in our system.

    Our system will default to the original order that the authors were entered into our system.
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