No ISBN for coil-bound?

Looking at the distribution requirements etc. ( it seems that coil-bound books are NOT eligible. Am I reading this correctly?

I am making my book available in three versions: perfect-bound softcover, coil-bound softcover, and wraparound hardcover. My personal favorite is the coil-bound because it lies flat. I'd imagine that there are many types of books where this would be popular - cookbooks is the first that comes to mind (even though mine is not a cookbook).

If I am indeed correct, can anyone offer an explanation for this rule? The only one that comes to mind is that retailers like it when there is a title on the spine so that potential buyers might notice it, and this is not possible with coil-bound.  Yet I'm pretty sure that I saw coil-bound (and saddle-stitch) books the last time I was in a brick-and-mortar Barnes & Noble, and I can't believe they didn't have an ISBN.

Any ideas? advTHANKSance


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