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Free shipping for annual fee

I know it is possible to get free shipping on an order if you find a working coupon code, but what about offering free shipping for a fixed annual fee? Amazon and Zazzle both offer this via Amazon Prime and Zazzle Black. For those of us who need to buy proofs often, then this would be a huge boon.
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  • Hi Scriveremo,

    We have looked into this option in the past and it didn't seem like a good fit at the time.

    However, we currently have a place where people can submit feedback as we build towards our new platform.

    I recommend to post your idea here:

  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    Amazon have far more to sell than books, and is a vast on-line TV and film streaming service not also included in the fee? It's not really a service that can be compered with here.
    Zazzle, which I have content on also, also cannot really be compared because they sell almost anything that can be printed on to, most from images people like me put there.
    No offence to Lulu, but they only sell books that we create here, that's why I am here  :)

    Then again, it's not Lulu who do the shipping is it? It's the printers Lulu use.
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