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Getting book mentioned on Author Spotlight

I created both a paperback and an Ebook versions of my book, but my author Spotlight only mentions the Ebook. When you search in Lulu Bookstore, the paperback is never mentioned. It does not figure in results. There is no internet link to it anywhere. It has a different ISBN but people cannot buy it because they cannot find it. 
This is particularly annoying because the paperback version is the revised version, and because of Lulu's technical problems, it has been impossible for me to upload the revisions to the Ebook version. No new files are being accepted.
ISBN 978-0-244-40804-6 
I have not managed to find any way of editing my author spotlight.
Why isn't the paperback automatically listed in Lulu bookstore and in my author spotlight?


  • Hi Beginner,

    Usually, books are automatically available on

    It appears that our site was still indexing the content which is why it did not appear immediately.

    I checked and it does appear on the website now.
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