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Page Numbering


I have a book which has previously passed through to retail websites such as amazon. Today I got a message as follows:
"Project contains inconsistent page numbering.  Page numbers must be in numerical order and cannot be repeated or skipped."
I have checked the page numbering of the latest PDF created in the Lulu process, and it is all fine and consistent. The only thing I can think of is that the total number of pages has increased by two. 
If I buy a new proof copy will this be acceptable, or do I have to start afresh with a new project to get the book back on retail websites?





  • Update - I found the font of the index had changed. Reverted to former font and the page numbers are down by two!
  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    I got a message in regard to a book published years ago saying I have too many consecutive blank pages in the bodytext. Lulu only said some retail site had pointed it out recently. They do not any see any difference in Word's Sections or the Divisible by Four rule. After my story pages (Section Two) I have more blanks (Section Three) before the Also By pages than they approve of. Apparently Amazon are having a 'tidy' up, but it must be via some new software because I am sure they don't have the time or the staff to even read every self-published book they have on their site!

    Then again, what has it got to do with them if, for example, there's a total of six blanks in a 280 page book?!
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