EPUB Encryption issue


When I upload my EPUB and revise, I keep on getting an encrypted error. I didn't use any CSS /HTML script in my export, and my meta data is minimal. my font is Arial, oh and I created it with In Design. when I posted on the Adobe forum, all my details were ok.

Can some one help?


  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    We're aware of an issue with converting some DOC, DOCX, ODT, and RTF files to EPUB through our Ebook Wizard.
    We've created this Forum Thread with some workarounds and advice to assist you in publishing you ebook.

    And it's just as fussy about ePubs.
  • There are two likely causes of this: Either font embedding or DRM protection.
    For the fonts, it's best to not embed them so the person reading the book can select a font in their personal device. I believe the this is referred to as "Font Obfuscation" from Adobe to ensure licensed fonts are reproduced. I know most common epub editors like Sigil or Calibre can be used to remove the font embedding.
    Otherwise, DRM protection may be the culprit. I'm not as clear about how InDesign applies this or how to remove it, but I know it can be done because we have plenty of ebooks on our site created with InDesign. There may be a setting during the export process that's apply the protection, though reviewing the procedure I don't see it specifically called out.
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