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I'm curious what other writers say or write when asked 'who they write like'. A bit like working out your USP, it can be a conundrum when one doesn't, or feels one doesn't, really write like anybody else...
'A dog judges others not by their colour or creed or class, but by who they are inside.'


  • I've often been asked who has influenced my writing most, which is not only a more sensible question it's an easier one to answer.
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  • Just KevinJust Kevin Lulu Genius
    I would hope I write like me. But over the decades I have read countless books by countless people, and I would be fooling myself if bits did not rub off. But all the same, I assume I use those bits as I write like myself :) But also, the many Editors I have had to deal with surely helped my 'style' to some degree (not that I always did as suggested!) as did becoming an editor myself later, and then a publisher/editor of my own periodicals a bit later.
  • In my first couple of books, gracious and kind readers said that some parts made them think of John D. MacDonald (the Travis McGee author). I wrote one book that was intended to follow the style Rex Stout used in his Nero Wolfe stories. And in another book, I tried to create an evangelical "Father Brown" character, reminiscent (I can only hope) of Chesterton. But I like to think that, similarities aside, each book is my distinctly own.
  • Reviewers of my novel, Bradamant (since republished as The Iron Tempest) have compared the writing to James Branch Cabell, Italo Calvino and even Sir Walter Scott(!), though there was no conscious effort to emulate any of those authors. The comparison may come from my attempt to give the text a kind of classic high adventure flavor. A polar opposite are all of the Velda stories, which are written in a much sparser style hopefully reminiscent of the cheesier hard-boiled detective fiction of the 40s and 50s.
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