Having completed the development (and ordering of a proof) of my latest book in hardcover, I decided, while awaiting arrival of the proof, to take another look at what the book should look like when it arrives. To my surprise, I found the book jacket for the cover looks different from the book jacket design I finally settled on. Is this something to worry about or is everything cool? 


  • swmirskyswmirsky Publisher
    Okay, never mind. Took another look and I see the problem is that only the front and back of the book jacket appear, absent the spine and inner flaps. It through me for a loop but I guess everything's okay. The very tiny print, making it hard to read, contributed to the confusion.

    However, I will leave this post up in case anyone else has experienced anything like this, too. Otherwise . . . as Gilda Radner, in her alter ego as Roseanne Rosananadana, used to say on the old Saturday Night Live show, "Never Mind."
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