PDF Looks Fine But Cuts Off Images/Some Text - Need Solution for Mac (uploading to Lulu for years)

WriterHelperWriterHelper Reader
edited January 2019 in Print Books
I am working on a Mac and I have Adobe Acrobat to make PDFs. What version of PDF options should I use so that the images and text don't get cut off when I upload to Lulu? (I was saving in the PDF version not recommended but it looked fine until uploaded to Lulu.) Versions of PDF change over time and I had to change to an option that had an "x" in it but that's not working anymore. I downloaded lulu job options but I don't know if I have the latest version because that didn't work. Is there something I need to do in Word? There have been so many updates to all of these programs maybe it's something new to fix. I am not new to this, I have been doing this for years. My documents have been through many software updates and contain charts and images so I am sure that may be a problem as well.


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