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I can not upload the .epub preview of my ebook

Good evening everybody.
When I try to upload the 35kb .epub preview of my ebook (created with Calibre), after the uploading bar is full/process is done, the page refreshes and gets blank, and, if I check the ebook page, the preview has not been created.
I have tried with a .docx preview, it uploads, but when I open it, it is unreadable.
I went with a .doc, and it works, but I would prefer to have an .epub preview.
Any suggestions?



  • Ebook previews must be uploaded as either a DOCX or EPUB file.

    The maximum file size for previews is 2MB.

    Revising a Preview

    If you have a Preview created, you will have the option on the Revision page to 'edit' the Preview or create a replacement Preview.

    When you select 'edit' you'll see two additional options:

    Keep Current Preview

    • Keeps whatever is currently set as your preview. The default is "Simple."
    Remove Current Preview
    • Removes the preview for your book. Your book will not have a preview.

    When you create a new preview, you lose your old preview. Make sure you have a backup of your existing custom preview before experimenting, so you can reinstate it if you wish.

  • This sounds like an issue our support team needs to look at.
    I'm having the same problem uploading a docx preview. I used this several times in the past bu now it is unreadable. 
    Cancel that. After trying a few times, it has now worked.
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