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The Autism Survival Handbook (for People without Autism) EBOOK EDITION

eduvallweduvallw Reader
The Autism Survival Handbook (for People without Autism) EBOOK EDITION

The Autism Survival Handbook (For People without Autism) is a book written by people with autism to explain what autism is, how to successfully interact with autistic individuals in many situations, and helps explain why autism isn’t a ‘disease’ in need of cure—but rather a difference in brain wiring. This book is written from the perspective of being autistic, so that those who are neurotypical can better understand what life really is through our eyes. So they can understand what we need, why we need it, and why accepting us for who we are is better for everyone around. The authors of this book know  just how much misinformation there is about autism—and this book works hard to clarify many of those myths with truth and facts.

Whether you’re a parent of an autistic child, supervisor of someone with autistic, friend of an autistic, co-worker of an autistic, or any person that isn’t autistic—you will find this book has extremely helpful information that will help you better interact with and understand the autistic people around you.


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